Arbete under sommaren med Nordic Letterpress Collaboration 2017/18

Några bilder från arbetet med projectet: 

Letterpress Printed Envelopes from Nordic Countries
Organisers: Imi Maufe (Norway) and Lina Nordenström (Sweden) 

POSTED/UNPOSTED is a book art project from the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) with special emphasis on letterpress (boktrykk) printing. The collaboration will result in a limited edition collection and touring exhibition exposing the variety of ways letterpress can be used as a creative process. Around 30 artists, poets, printers and publishers who use (or have the potential to use) letterpress in the Nordic Countries are invited to contribute to a collaboration with constraints. We do not see this as a mail art project, but as book art/visual art/print collaboration focusing on a specifc printing process, using the envelope as a format and its potential to contain.